Another day. Another post.

Hello again.

Saturday. Everyone’s favourite day of the week. This Saturday I have come to the realisation that I am addicted to bath accessories. Accessories being, bath bombs, bath soaks and bath melts. I just had a bath actually and it was pink. Now not just pink but fairy, hot, amazing pink!!  I also added a carrot too. Yes you heard right a CARROT. I’ll upload a photo for you.. hold on….


See what I mean.. carrots. I must say these carrots are not the eating kind (you could try, but the way they produce bubbles in the bath I personally do not advise you eat them). The bubbles that they give off. Amazing.

I think that if you ran a bath using all of these bad boys you would have bubbles up to the ceiling. Now that would be cool..but extremely messy and no one has time for mess! As I was saying. My bath was pink with the hint of carrot. It smelt sensational  but also looked amazing! My partner said to me ‘K the smell does nothing for me’ pffft little does he know, I am now a magical bath fairy that loves carrot bubbles.

Anyway enough rabbiting (hahah i definitely had to go there) from me. I will let you enjoy the rest of the best day of the week. As I say.. it’s now wine time.

xoxo – K (the magica pink bath fairy)


Hello There.

Well Hello blog world..

I have decided to join the blogging world.  I do enjoy a good read and I do love to write, so I thought well lets try this whole blogging thing out. Now what to write about..hmmm well my life is boring so I don’t expect you want to hear about that. I could tell you about my tea obsession, you might find that interesting I certainly do. Right lets begin with that…


I drink it like it is going out of fashion. I have a variety of different types of tea, 30 is a close number (Why so many you ask, I will get to that!) Chocolate tea, English breakfast tea, Oolong in several different varieties, Rooibos, Green tea. You name it I will mostly probably have it! As I’m blogging I am currently drinking a chocolate tea and I must say it is very tastea!! (haha pun intended). I will take a photo in the next few days and show you that I speak words of only truth.

I do enjoy to start the day with a nice strong black tea no sugar..I am sweet enough (gosh I am on a role with the stupid puns). I drink it with milk normally but some days I like to mix it up. The day goes on and I am knocking back yet another cup and another and another. It’s now 3pm in the afternoon and I have literally had 5 cups already, so I think why not have another. Now do you understand why I have so many different varieties. You would get bored of drinking the same tea 6-7 times a day. 7 days a week! At the end of the day, yep you guessed it I have a herbal tea to relax and unwind. What brand of tea do you drink I hear you ask… Well let me tell you.

My favourite all time tea is T2, for those of you that have not yet tried the magical elixir of T2 then you have not yet lived. (Wow I should totally be in advertising for T2). I also love a good Twinnings.

OK enough tea talk for today I shall let you go.. and have a tea. Or wine. Whatever floats your boat. (It is Friday and on this blog we don’t judge)!!!

Have a great Friday night people…

xoxo – K

Ps Go West Coast (as I said we don’t judge)!